Cross-country Runners from 29 Countries Join Rinjani 100 Ultra

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Rinjani 100 Ultra route for 36 km category
Rinjani 100 Ultra route for 36 km category - The government of East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, stated that the Rinjani 100 Ultra activity or cross-country running on Mount Rinjani, Lombok, which was held on 3-5 June 2022, is attended by 756 participants from 29 countries including Indonesia. This event is being held again after three years of delay due to the earthquake and the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Rinjani 100 Ultra in NTB is being held again. This event is the 7th event after being delayed for 3 years due to the earthquake and the COVID-19 pandemic," said East Lombok Regent HM Sukiman Azmy in a written statement in Selong, Thursday, May 2, 2022.

This international running event was planned before the pandemic. After seeing that the COVID-19 pandemic has declined as it is today, any activity that can cause crowds can be resumed.

To make this activity a success, the local government and the organizers have made various preparations and coordination meetings. East Lombok has received Malaria Elimination certification. Six villages namely Sembalun, Sambelia, Pringgabaya, Suela, Montong Gading, and Jerowaru which were endemic areas have been declared free of malaria.

"Participants no longer need to worry about contracting malaria when competing later," he said.

The local government provides support for the implementation of these activities by providing optimal facilities, ranging from health facilities, entertainment, to other supports. The Regent hopes that the activity can be carried out safely, orderly, and successfully.

To ensure the readiness of the local government team, the district head plans to directly inspect the location and release the 162 km category participants the next day.

“On Friday (3/6) I will release category 162 runners from Belanting. This category is the most prestigious," he said.

Rinjani 100 Race Director Florenciano Hendricus Mutter outlines the location points that will be passed by the participants. He appreciated the support of the local government, although he acknowledged that ultra runners were used to minimal facilities.

Meanwhile, the Founder of Rinjani 100 Hendra Wijaya described that every path that the participants will take is very difficult. Not only physical endurance, mental endurance was also tested with a specified running time of 50 hours.

Of the five available categories, namely 162, 119, 75, 36, and 27, the category with the most demand is the 36 Km category with a total of 400 participants. "From the tourism aspect, this event should be proud, because there are more and more general participants," he said.

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