4 Ways to Screenshot on Samsung Phone and Tablet, Easy Guide Tutorials

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Samsung)
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Samsung)

TheIndonesia.id - Are you a new Samsung user and have no idea how to screenshot on a Samsung phone? You are coming to the right place. A screenshot is a digital image showing your cellphone screen.

Screenshots are made by the software running on the cellphone device that turns on the screen, so you can share the images. The screenshot feature is often used when the user finds interesting information on the screens. You can take pictures (screenshots), view, edit, and share these pictures with your friends. 

For Samsung users who have trouble to screenshot, here are some steps you can follow.

1. Power and Home button

Here's how to screenshot a Samsung using the power and home buttons:

  • Open the screen you wanted to screenshot
  • Next, press the Power and Home buttons at the same time
  • Hold for a few seconds, until the camera sound appears or until the screen flashes
  • Automatically, the picture has been successfully saved.
  • To see the screenshot, open the Gallery

2. Power and Volume Down button

The next way to screenshot a Samsung is to press the power button and the volume down button:

  • Open the screen you wanted to screenshot
  • Simultaneously press the power and volume down buttons on the side of your cellphone
  • Then, hold down until the screen flashes or until you hear the camera shutter's sound
  • A notification will appear showing you have the result
  • Open the Gallery on your phone to see the results
Samsung Phone (Imad Clicks/Pexels)
Samsung Phone (Imad Clicks/Pexels)

3. Assistant Menu

Before taking a screenshot using the Assistant Menu, you must activate Assistant Menu. All you have to do is click the Assistant Menu box, which will appear on your Samsung mobile screen shaped as a small box (Floating Menu). Here is to activate the assistant menu.

  • Enter the Settings menu on your Samsung phone
  • Select the Accessibility Menu
  • Click Dexterity and Interaction
  • After that, an Assistant Menu tab option will appear, click to activate
  • Finished! Now you can take a screenshot with one click on the small box (Floating Menu) on your Samsung phone screen
  • You can see the screenshot results in your gallery

4. S Pen

Using an S Pen to take a screenshot only works for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users and above. Here is how it works:

  • Open the air command menu by pulling out the stylus or hovering the S Pen over the screen
  • Click the small button on your S Pen
  • Besides, you can also press the button on the S Pen stylus in a few seconds, then touch your S Pen to the screen of your
  • Galaxy Note that you want to screenshot.
  • And the screenshots are ready in your Gallery

Those are some ways to screenshot Samsung phones that you can do. Aren't they easy? Good luck!

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