Why Do Horses Need Shoes? What Is Their Purpose?

Aulia Hafisa
Horse illustration (Esra Ertem/Pexels)
Horse illustration (Esra Ertem/Pexels) - You must be familiar with the sound of a horse's hooves. It comes from the shoes worn by the horses. Anyway, do you know why horses need shoes? 

The reason why horses need shoes can vary depending on their health, activity levels, and the surroundings in which they are kept. 

Horseshoes are essential for hooves that are regularly in contact with rugged floorings, making them risky to be destructured. Besides, there are other reasons why horses use shoes. 

To protect the feet

The main function of the horseshoe is to protect the horse's feet, especially protecting the horse's hooves from being crushed when running or walking. Especially, when the horse is ridden for a long time as a mount of transportation. 

However, in the middle of the horse's legs, there was a kind of soft skin that was not protected. For this reason, if the horse carries a heavy load while running, the soft part may touch the ground and injure the horse's leg.

To make the feet not overheat

Horses are widely used to carry heavy loads in various situations, from cold to hot. For this reason, horses have to keep their feet from getting too hot or cold when running. If horses don't wear shoes, their feet will overheat or freeze, which can injure the horse's feet.

To make the horse run faster

Apart from the other reasons mentioned above, another reason for using shoes is making them run faster. Horseshoes have the same function as human shoes, to protect the feet. Not all horses wear iron boots. 

What are horses' shoes made of?

Commonly, horseshoes are made of aluminum or steel and attached to the boot by nailing the shoes to the horses' hoof. The materials are sturdy and can maintain their shape. 

Some horse breeds use different shoe styles on their front legs than they have on their hind legs. 

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