How To Delete Twitter Account, Quick and Easy Steps To Take

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Twitter illustration (Greenwish/Pexels) - Twitter is a social media widely used by the public. Through the Twitter, we can get the latest information, what's trending, and even make new friends. However, it turns out that there are some people who want to delete their Twitter accounts for various reasons. 

You can permanently delete your Twitter account via the app or desktop. In this regard, Twitter will provide 30 days of inaccessibility so that the account can be permanently deleted.

How to Delete a Twitter Account

Quoting the Twitter page, the first step to permanently deleting an account is to deactivate your Twitter account. The deactivation lasts 30 days.

If you do not access your account during the 30 day deactivation period, the account will be deleted and your username will no longer be associated with the account you previously had.

Once an account is deleted, it will no longer be available in Twitter's systems. There is also no way for you to reactivate your previous account.

Here are the following steps to delete a Twitter account:

  • First, open the Twitter application, then login
  • Click the profile photo icon
  • Select "Settings and Privacy" at the bottom
  • Click on your Account, then select “Deactivate Twitter account”
  • Click “Deactivate”
  • Enter your Twitter account password
  • Wait for the notification to delete the Twitter account
  • Select “Yes, Deactivate” to permanently delete the Twitter account.

Apart from using the application, you can also delete your Twitter via a desktop or browser. 

  • Open an internet browser
  • Visit the page
  • Log into your Twitter account and fill in the password.
  • Click “More Menu” on the main page
  • Select the settings and privacy menu
  • Click "Deactivate your account", then you can immediately click "Deactivate"
  • Please fill in the Twitter account password
  • Select “Yes, Deactivate” to delete your Twitter account permanently.

Please note, deleting your Twitter account will not remove your information from search engines like Google. Your history on that account will still be stored in search engines, it's just that your account name will no longer be associated with your profile because it is no longer available.

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