5 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

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Video Editing Illustration (Shutterstock)
Video Editing Illustration (Shutterstock)

TheIndonesia.id - With the advancement of digital technology, editing a video is getting easy. You can do it everywhere by only using your phone. So, are you curious about the best video editing apps for iPhone and Android?

You can be creative in editing videos by using an application that can be downloaded to your phone. Besides being easy to use, video editing applications can still make your work interesting. 

Nevertheless, it should also be noted that editing skills also have a big role to produce good videos. For those who are interested in looking for video editing applications for phones, here is a list of applications that you can try.

1. Power Director

This application uses three layers in its editing. You can also find many different effects to support the edits you make.

One of the advantages is that the video edits that you produce can be sent directly to Google Drive, making it easier to share or upload, or be witnessed by others.

2. Kinemaster

If you want to find an application that is more practical and easy to use, Kinemaster is the answer. With a simple interface, you can easily edit videos, accompanied by standard effects and back sounds available to make editing easier for you to do.

3. InShot

Illustration of Inshot (Playstore)
Illustration of Inshot (Playstore)

The next video editing application is InShot which supports various video formats for Instagram and YouTube. In addition, this application is also easy to use and more varied.

Some of the interesting features in InShot are background blur to the speed feature to make videos more interesting.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere is one of the best video editing applications and there is also an Android version, you know.

The Android version is called Adobe Premiere Rush which you can use easily on your cellphone.

You can also insert various effects, music, and transitions like you usually edit videos.

For those of you who want to be more creative even during a quarantine like this, you must try to be creative with the 5 video editing applications above, good luck.

5. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is equipped with virtual buttons that give a personal touch due to animation effects and adding text.

One interesting feature is the audio mixer which can combine voice-over sound and original sound in the video.
Those are the applications for you who are confused about how to edit videos with your phone. These applications have an easy-to-understand and very user-friendly interface, so they are the choice of many editors and content creators.

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