5 Easy Ways To Tell If an Egg Is Still Fresh or Not

Aulia Hafisa
Testing the freshness of eggs by sinking them in the water (SHUTTERSTOCK/STANISLAW MIKULSI)
Testing the freshness of eggs by sinking them in the water (SHUTTERSTOCK/STANISLAW MIKULSI) - Eggs are one of the animal proteins that have many benefits for the body. Most people like eggs because they can be processed into various foods, and they are easy to obtain. But before you buy eggs, you should really pay attention to the condition of the eggs. This guide will show you 5 easy ways to tell if an egg is still fresh or not.

Are the eggs you bought fresh and fit for consumption? 

Characteristics of fresh eggs

Here are 5 characteristics of fresh eggs 

1. Has a Heavier Weight

The first characteristic of fresh eggs is that they weigh more than rotten eggs. Fresh egg shells tend to be thick and strong compared to rotten egg shells. Rotten egg shells usually tend to be thinner, making it easier for bacteria to enter, and causing the contents of the egg to evaporate, making it weighs less.

2. Unscented

Illustration of eggs (Pexels/Pixabay)
Illustration of eggs (Pexels/Pixabay)

The thing that stands out the most about fresh eggs is that they have no scent. In contrast to rotten eggs that give off a pungent aroma.

3. Sinking in the Water

The characteristics of fresh eggs are sinking in the water. Eggs have a heavier weight. Unlike the case with a rotten egg, it will float on the water because it has fairly lightweight due to the thin layer of the shell.

4. Use a Flashlight or Lamp

Another way to find out whether eggs are fresh or not is to use a lamp or flashlight. Highlight the egg using a lamp or flashlight, if the inside is still bright, then the egg is fresh and can be consumed. However, if the egg is cloudy, then the egg is damaged or rotten.

5. Egg Yolk Sticks to the White Part

To make sure the eggs are fresh, you can crack one egg. Generally, fresh egg yolks will still be round and stick to the egg whites. If you open an egg, then the condition of the yolk is not intact, then the egg may be damaged or rotten.

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