How To Turn Off iPhone 12, All Methods Explained!

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iPhone 12 (Apple)
iPhone 12 (Apple) - Turning off iPhone 12 can be done easily. It is quite different from the previous series. You can turn off the phone without pressing the power button. This guide will show you how to turn off iPhone 12.

See the tutorial below on how to turn off the iPhone 12 which also applies to the iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, iPhone 11, and iPhone 13.

How to turn off iPhone 12 without the power button

Turning off iPhone 12 without the power button is not hard at all. Quoting the Apple Support page, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click the General or General option.
  • Scroll down the screen.
  • Click Turn Off.
  • The phone will automatically turn off.

How to Turn Off iPhone X, 11, and 12 with a Button

The iPhone X to 13 series is no longer equipped with a round Home button in the middle bottom of the phone. In these series, only the volume and power buttons are available. 

For those who are more comfortable turning off the iPhone with the power button, you can follow the tutorial below.

  • Press and hold the power and volume down buttons simultaneously.
  • Release it when the slide-to-power-off option appears.
  • Next, slide the round icon to the right so that the phone can turn off immediately.
  • Finished.

How to Restart iPhone Without Pressing a Button

Keep in mind that restarting your phone and turning it off are two different things. If you restart it, the phone will turn off and will immediately revive itself.

Meanwhile, a phone that has been deliberately turned off will not be able to turn on automatically, so it must be activated again manually. Quoted from Apple's official website, here's how to restart your iPhone without pressing a button.

  • Open the phone and enter the Settings menu.
  • Then, click the Accessibility menu.
  • Select the Touch option.
  • Then, activate the Assistive touch menu.
  • Click the Customize Top Level Menu option
  • Add icons by pressing (+) or by editing the available icons.
  • Then select Restart, and click Done.
  • Please return Home.
  • Then, press the Assistive Touch button, which has a round white and gray shape.
  • Click Device, click More, then press Restart.
  • The Slide button icon appears to turn off the phone, and slide the button in the form of the power icon to the right.

That's how to turn off iPhone 12 without the power button. By turning off and restarting the iPhone without buttons, it can minimize damage to the buttons. Good luck!

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