Police Report Against Greenpeace for Criticizing Jokowi is Cancelled

Diana Mariska
President Joko Widodo during the World Leaders Summit on Forest and Land Use in Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow, Scotland on 2 November 2021.
President Joko Widodo during the World Leaders Summit on Forest and Land Use in Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow, Scotland on 2 November 2021. - A police report against Greenpeace Indonesia after the organization criticized President Joko Widodo’s speech during COP26 has been withdrawn. The Chairman of Cyber Indonesia, Husain Shihab, said he fears the report will create an anti-critic image on the cabinet.

Husain Shihab previously made a report to the Jakarta Police after Greenpeace Indonesia released a statement in response to President Jokowi’s speech on deforestation in Glasgow earlier in November 2021. However, officials from the Police confirmed on Monday, 15 November, the person withdrew the report.

“After a lengthy discussion, the police report was withdrawn. Among the reasons is [Shihab] doesn’t want this case to be politicized and cause the government to be perceived as anti-critic,” Jakarta Police’s criminal director Chief Commissioner Tubagus Ade Hidayat said.

On 2 November, Greenpeace Indonesia responded to the President’s speech during the UN Climate Change Conference or COP26. The organization said the speech didn’t display a strong commitment from the Indonesian government to cut emissions and to achieve zero deforestation.

It also countered several points made during the speech. For example, deforestation continued to increase in the country, from 2.45 million hectares during 2003-2011 to 4.8 million hectares during 2011-2019. This fact is in contrast with a statement from the President that said deforestation has been significantly decreasing in the last 20 years. Greenpeace Indonesia also criticized the plan to rehabilitate mangrove by 600,000 hectares by 2024, which is deemed ‘unambitious’ compared to the total damage at almost 1.8 million hectares.

Upon the statement, on 9 November, Shihab reported Greenpeace Indonesia activists Leonard Simanjuntak dan Kiki Taufik for spreading hoax and hate speech. He argued that his effort was to avoid further commotion among the public.

“Hoax and hate speech are general offenses. . . . My report is a preventive action to avoid bigger [issue],” Husain said on Monday.

He said prior to the report, he’d collected evidence showing Greenpeace didn’t disclose the right information and, in return, caused an uproar.

Activist Kiki Taufik defended the statement from Greenpeace Indonesia by revealing that all information published was taken from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK). Therefore, he questioned the allegation addressed to the organization.

“If we’re accused of spreading incorrect information, then he’s also accusing the government of lying,” Taufik said during a press conference on Monday.

He elaborated that the analysis done by Greenpeace Indonesia is based on the same data from KLHK, with the only difference that it uses different points of view and focus since the public is deserved for balanced and comprehensive coverage.

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