Waste Handling Issue After World Superbike in Mandalika

Diana Mariska
Mandalika International Street Circuit
Mandalika International Street Circuit - Central Lombok’s Environment Office ensured a proper handling of waste after the district hosted the World Superbike (WSBK) competition in Mandalika International Street Circuit.

The final round of the race was completed on Sunday, November 21, and Acting Head of the Environment Office Masnun said treatment for waste resulting from the international event will start immediately, and it will be completed based on the appropriate process.

“Waste from WSBK Mandalika is currently being handled and has been transported to waste dumping site,” Masnun revealed on Friday, November 26.

He added that organizers are committed to keeping the venue and its surrounding area clean during and after the race. Therefore, the waste treatment is also expected to be completed within the next few days.

“There’s no problem regarding waste. It has been handled, and the target is to finish [the process] within this week,” Masnun said, adding that organizers are working alongside his Office to push a timely completion.

Due to a significant increase in public mobility during the race in Mandalika, the waste volume is expected to subsequently multiply. However, authorities still aim to sort and recycle plastic waste as Masnun confirmed that it will be taken to recycling center.

At least 15 vehicle units are deployed to assist the waste treatment: five units of three-wheelers, five pick-ups, and two units of trucks. 50 officers from the Environment Office and 200 from the organizing committee are also deployed for the effort.

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