Indonesia Has Spent US$3.5B on COVID-19 Treatment

Diana Mariska
Rumah Oksigen Gotong Royong. (Photo:ROGR)
Rumah Oksigen Gotong Royong. (Photo:ROGR) - The Indonesian government said it has spent more than US$3.5 billion for the treatment of 768.9 thousand COVID-19 patients in the country in 2021.

Ministry of Finance Sri Mulyani said virtually on Tuesday, December 21, the huge amount of expenses was triggered by the spread of COVID-19 variant Delta back in July this year.

“During the sharp surge of Delta cases, the burden on 2021 state budget was massive at Rp49.6 trillion [US$3.5 billion],” the Minister said.

She added that in general, health sector dominated this year’s state budget. Aside from COVID-19 related spending, the government also allocated a big part the country’s income for the national health insurance scheme, or known as JKN.

As of end of November, health budget realization has reached US$15.7 billion. Besides allocation for COVID-19 patient treatment, government also spent US$1.8 billion for COVID-19 vaccine procurement as well as US$635.7 million and US$435.7 million for incentives aimed at central and regional health workers, respectively.

“For vaccine, we have spent US$1.8 billion for 284.1 million Indonesians,” Mulyani said.

In total, the government also spent US$ 3.5 billion for more than 100 million people who are recipients of health benefits in a form of different schemes.

Previously, the Minister said the government will work hard to avoid any future issues in state budget due to the pandemic handling. She said all concerning ministries and state agencies will make a ‘measurable’ and ‘gradual’ step for a better-planned state budget.

“Balancing state budget will be done measurably and gradually, and it aims to recover the people, the economy, and the state budget,” Mulyani said on a virtual event on Friday, December 17.

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