Famous Punk Drummer, Who Is Also Former COVID-19 Denier, Returns to Court

Diana Mariska
Superman Is Dead drummer I Gede Aryastina, or more famously known as Jerinx. (Photo: Budhiyanto)
Superman Is Dead drummer I Gede Aryastina, or more famously known as Jerinx. (Photo: Budhiyanto) - I Gede Aryastina or Jerinx, famous punk drummer who was also known for being a high-profile COVID-19 denier in Indonesia, returned to court for a trial after he allegedly sent threatening message to a social media activist over COVID-19 claim.

During the trial at Central Jakarta District Court on Wednesday, December 22, the drummer of punk group Superman Is Dead requested suspended sentence to the judges or be granted the status of city prisoner because he’s currently the main provider for his family.

“I’d like to request for a sentence suspension or adjustment to my status to be city prisoner. I submit my request because I’m the sole family provider as other family members reside in Bali,” Jerinx told the court.

“My elderly mother has been sick again due to this case. [She] doesn’t have other source of income since my parents divorced. Therefore, the imprisonment is really affecting her treatment,” he said again.

Aside from that, he said the imprisonment make it difficult for him to carry out his responsibilities as ambassador for the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) in Bali.

“Moreover, I’ve been appointed as anti-drug ambassador by BNN in Bali province, and imprisonment will make it difficult for me to support the government in the war on drugs in Indonesia,” Jerinx added.

He was reported to the police by social media activist Adam Deni after allegedly sending threatening message to him. Previously, Deni asked Jerinx to show him a list of Indonesian celebrities who, according to Jerinx, were endorsed to admit they tested positive for COVID-19.

Prior to this case, in November, the Balinese was also found guilty for hate speech after accusing the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) of being World Health Organization (WHO)’s ‘lackeys’. He was sentenced to 14 months of imprisonment.

Since Indonesia was first hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, Jerinx repeatedly expressed his skepticism of the disease. He called it global conspiracy and blamed the media for causing unnecessary panic and worry among the public.

However, after months of denying the severity of the situation, he changed his mind, at last. He said he believed that COVID-19 is real, and in August, he received COVID-19 vaccine.

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