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Willix Halim to be CEO of Bukalapak

Arfi Bambani
Willix Halim, CEO of Bukalapak
Willix Halim, CEO of Bukalapak - nominates Willix Halim as CEO or President Director, replacing Rachmat Kaimuddin who recently resigned. Willix Halim was acting CEO after Rachmat Kaimuddin resigned.

"PT Tbk. today announced the nomination of Willix Halim as President Director/CEO of Bukalapak after being nominated by the Company's Board of Commissioners," Bukalapak said in a written statement, Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

The company's commissioners also nominated Howard Nugraha Gani and Victor Putra Lesama as directors of Bukalapak. Victor Putra Lesmana currently serves as President of Commerce and Fintech at Bukalapak, responsible for several divisions at Bukalapak, including marketplaces, digital products, logistics and supply chain, payments, and financial technology. Howard Nugraha Gani currently serves as CEO of PT Buka Mitra Indonesia.

The names will be proposed and discussed by the shareholders in the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.

Teddy Nuryanto Oetomo and Natalia Firmansyah remain as Director of Bukalapak.

Rachmat Kaimuddin, who was elected CEO of Bukalapak in 2019, stepped down from his post at the end of December. He replaced Achmad Zaky as head of the company. Rachmat joined the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment as Special Advisor for Technology Development and Sustainability.

Willix joined Bukalapak as Chief Operating Officer of Bukalapak in 2016. He became one of the key figures in Bukalapak's growth to become a Unicorn. Willix earned a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mechatronics with First Class Honors and as a Valedictorian in 2009 from the University of Melbourne.

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