National Police to Establish Its Own Corruption Eradication Corps

Diana Mariska
National Police’s spokesperson Chief Commissioner Ahmad Ramadhan. (Photo: Polri)
National Police’s spokesperson Chief Commissioner Ahmad Ramadhan. (Photo: Polri) - The Indonesia National Police has announced the plan to establish its own corruption eradication corps which will be led by former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) officers.

National Police’s spokesperson Chief Commissioner Ahmad Ramadhan said the corps will become an enhancement of the existing corruption crime directorate, which is under the criminal investigation agency at the police. It will be a special unit under the direct command of the police chief, and after organizational consolidation, the corps will also be established at the regional level.

Ramadhan also confirmed that 44 former KPK officers will be part of the corps.

"Ex-KPK colleagues will be assigned to the corruption crime eradication corps upon its establishment," Ramadhan said on Thursday, January 6, as reported by Antara.

Their competency and commitment to eradicate corruption are cited as the reason behind the induction as the qualities will help the police and the corps’ effort.

Previously, the 44 former KPK officers were inducted to the police in December 2021, after being relieved from their duties in the commission.

While the establishment process of the corps continues, the National Police will assign the 44 people to the ad-hoc corruption eradication task force.

"While we await the establishment of the corps, [they] will be first assigned to the corruption eradication task force," Ramadhan said.

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