Three Vietnamese-flagged Vessels Arrested in Natuna

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A Vietnamese vessel caught fishing in Indonesian water
A Vietnamese vessel caught fishing in Indonesian water - Warship KRI Tjiptadi-381 and KRI Tuanku Imam Bonjol-383 BKO Marine Combat Group Fleet Commander I of the Indonesian Navy captured three foreign fishing vessels with Vietnamese flags while catching fish in the North Natuna Sea, Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

The commander of KRI Tjiptadi (TPD)-381 Marine Lt. Col. (P) Irwan said the navy detected foreign fishing vessels' through radar contact during an operation to enforce sovereignty and the law of the sea in the Natuna Sea. When approached, he saw a boat catching fish using a trawler.

"On January 10, 2022, at 22:05 WIB Position 04 55 24 U - 107 14 12 T (43 nautical miles northwest of Laut Island) we detected a contact without lights, then we approached and identified it as a Vietnamese fishing vessel, then we carried out the procedure pursuit of arrest and investigation (Jarkaplid)," said Lt. Col. Irwan.

The foreign fishing vessel (KIA) with a sign BTH 2122 TS is suspected of illegal fishing in the waters of the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone (ZEEI) without proper legal documents. "On this initial allegation, we arrested and escorted BTH 2122 TS along with 12 crew members including the skipper and engine master to the Sabang Mawang Lanal Ranai Navy Pier for further processing," he said.

Meanwhile, warship Tuanku Imam Bonjol also arrested two Vietnamese-flagged foreign fishing vessels suspected of illegally fishing in the ZEEI waters of the North Natuna Sea. When KRI Tuanku Imam Bonjol (IBL)-383 was patrolling, it found radar contact at position 05 01 00 U – 107 42 25 T (23 nautical miles northwest of Pulau Laut).

"After being approached, we visually identified two fishing vessels. Vietnamese foreigners are working hand in hand to catch fish, then the pursuit, arrest, and investigation procedures were carried out," said the Commander of KRI IBL-38 Marine Lt. Col. (F) Ivan Halim.

Based on the initial inspection, evidence was found, the two fishing vessels had the markings BTH 2121 TS and BTH 2122 TS illegally fishing in ZEEI waters, North Natuna Sea, and were crewed by 4 people and 10 people, including the skipper and engine master.

The mixed cargo of these foreign vessels is less than one tonne. It's suspected the cargo has been transferred to a collector ship. Currently, the three Vietnamese foreign fishing vessels are at the Navy Pier of Sabang Mawang Lanal Ranai for further processing.

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