Cikarang Station Serves Long-distance Train by February 1

Arfi Bambani
Cikarang Station, West Java
Cikarang Station, West Java - Head of Public Relations of PT Kereta Api Indonesia Operation Area 1 Jakarta, Eva Chairunisa, said that Cikarang Station, West Java, will serve long-distance train passengers starting February 1, 2022.

"To provide alternative land transportation services, especially long-distance trains (KAJJ) for the people of Cikarang and its surroundings, starting February 1, 2022, Cikarang Station will serve departure and arrival of long-distance trains passengers," Chairunisa said in a written statement in Jakarta, Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

Eva explained that to support KAJJ services, Operation Area 1 Jakarta has prepared several supporting facilities including go-show counter rooms, customer service, boarding doors, waiting rooms, and other facilities. Cikarang Station also provides an antigen test service for prospective passengers with operating hours at 09.30 - 17.30 West Indonesia time (WIB).

"For people who want to use KAJJ services from Cikarang Station, they can order tickets through the KAI Access Application or various official channels for selling train tickets," she said.

The list of trains that stop at Cikarang Station include:
- KA 104 Gaya Baru Malam Selatan from Pasar Senen Station to Surabaya Gubeng, arrival time at 11.37 WIB, departure at 11.39 WIB (starting January 3, 2022);
- Additional KA 152 Argo Parahyangan from Gambir Station to Bandung, arrival time at 14.03 WIB, departure at 14.05 WIB;
- KA 110A Brantas from Pasar Senen Station to Blitar, arrival time at 14.10 WIB, departure at 14.12 WIB;
- KA 128 Gumarang from Pasar Senen Station to Surabaya Pasarturi, arrival time at 16.31 WIB, departure at 16.33 WIB;
- Additional KA 7008 Sembrani from Gambir Station to Surabaya Pasarturi, arrival time at 22.00 WIB, departure at 22.09 WIB (starting January 3, 2022, running every Thursday to Sunday);
- KA 103 Gaya Baru Malam Selatan departs from Surabaya Gubeng Station to Pasar Senen, arrival time at 00.46 WIB, departure at 00.48 WIB (starting January 3, 2022);
- KA 127 Gumarang from Surabaya Pasarturi Station to Pasar Senen, arrival time at 01.55 WIB, departure at 01.57 WIB;
- KA 109A Brantas from Blitar Station to Pasar Senen, arrival time at 00.58 WIB, departure at 01.00 WIB;
- Additional KA 7007 Sembrani from Surabaya Pasar Turi Station to Gambir, arrival time at 05.02 WIB, departure at 05.04 WIB (starting January 3, 2022, running every Thursday to Sunday); and
- Additional KA 53F Argo Parahyangan from Bandung Station to Gambir, arrival time at 21.23 WIB, departure at 21.25 WIB.

Eva said KAI Operation Area 1 Jakarta appealed to prospective passengers to pay attention to boarding requirements following the Circular Letter (SE) of the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) number 97 of 2021 with the following provisions:
1. Passengers aged 12 years and over must be vaccinated (at least the first dose) by showing the PeduliLindungi application or vaccine card unless passengers with special medical interests or comorbid diseases are accompanied by a certificate from a government hospital doctor/ specialist doctor for vaccine replacement and show negative antigen (1x24 hours).
2. Passengers with children under 12 years old are allowed to travel accompanied by their parents and show negative antigens (1x24 hours). \

PT KAI Operation Area I Jakarta always follows and complies with all regulations from the government to prevent the spread of Covid-19 on the train mode of transportation.

Chairunisa added that train travel information can be found through official channels owned by PT KAI (Persero) including the KAI Access application, the official website, Contact Center 121 line (021) 121, Customer Service [email protected] and Social Media @keretaapikita @ kai121_.

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