Gov't Predicts Omicron's Impact on Economy to Be Less Severe

Diana Mariska
Kramat Jati traditional market in East Jakarta on Wednesday, February 9, 2022. (Photo: Winanto)
Kramat Jati traditional market in East Jakarta on Wednesday, February 9, 2022. (Photo: Winanto) - The Ministry of Finance has predicted Omicron’s impact on national economy to be less devastating because the COVID-19 variant is easier to contain and the government has prepared more accommodating facilities.

Head of Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF) at the Ministry Febrio Kacaribu said the government is “optimistic” to successfully handle the latest case surge because it’s supported with sufficient data and enhanced health facilities.

“With data that we have, we’re quite optimistic to manage the current situation well. We have to underline the preparedness of our health facilities, [especially] telemedicine that has been advantageous,” Kacaribu said on Thursday, February 10, as reported by Antara.

Comparing Omicron wave to that of Delta last year, Kacaribu said the generally mild symptoms that have been reported make hospitalization avoidable, and in return, authorities can avoid making excessive restrictions.

He also gave credit to PeduliLindungi app that works to help the government detecting and monitoring COVID-19 patients. Based on data provided by the app, the Ministry of Health will send medicines to people who test positive for the coronavirus disease.

“This will lift pressure off health facilities and reduce the need of hospitalization, which is relatively expensive. And if we can control [and continue this way], it will be beneficial for economic activities as well as our budget,” Kacaribu explained.

However, he said the government continues to prepare health facilities for potential further surge. And for the 2022 state budget, all ministries and state agencies are required to allocate five percent of their budget for indirect cost.

“Therefore, when we need reallocation, the budget is at the ready, and it won’t take longer time to prepare it,” he said.

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