Indonesia to Exploit Its Potential in Halal Food Industry: Ministry

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Halal food industry illustration (Photo:
Halal food industry illustration (Photo: - The Indonesian government says it sees a great potential in national halal food industry and sets eyes to develop the sector and become “world’s halal kitchen”.

The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) says Indonesia aims to grow the industry and compete with countries who have managed to make their halal industrial area estates a leading sector, such as neighboring country Thailand.

“Indonesian shouldn’t fall behind on what has been developed by Thailand. We all know that Indonesia has the world’s biggest Muslim population, and it’s a challenge on how to declare the vision as world’s halal kitchen,” Deputy Minister II at the Ministry Pahala Nugraha Mansury said on Friday, February 11, as reported by Antara.

The potential of sharia economy is worth multi-trillion dollar – not only in Indonesia, but also globally, where spending made by Muslims across the globe reaches up to US$1.9 trillion. And approximately 60 percent the figure is in the halal food and beverage sector.

In addition, the F&B sector is also among the largest in Indonesia, which contributes to 36.4 percent of national gross domestic product (GDP).

Mansury said the government aims to exploit the massive potential. And to start the mission, it will start in Batik Kauman village in Solo, Central Java, where it will develop halal F&B estate. Afterwards, the government also expects to develop similar industrial estate to other regions across the country.

"Not only in Surakarta, but also to other areas because Indonesia is blessed with rich culinary heritage where 5,300 foods can be developed as part of the halal food industry to be sold both domestically and internationally," Mansury explained.

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