Sell Like Hot Cakes: Merch Sellers Make More Money During MotoGP Mandalika

Diana Mariska
Merch seller Beni Karya in Mandalika International Street Circuit on Saturday, March 19. (Photo: ANTARA/Arindra Meodia)
Merch seller Beni Karya in Mandalika International Street Circuit on Saturday, March 19. (Photo: ANTARA/Arindra Meodia) - Merchandise sellers near the Mandalika International Street Circuit say the MotoGP event helps them to get more income, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where a huge percentage of Indonesians lost their job.

One seller Beni Karya is selling shirts with Mandalika and Mandalika Circuit themed prints, and he chose a location near a famous photo spot to sell his products.

Garos!” he said in his local language, meaning that his shirts are selling like hot cakes.

As reported by Antara on Saturday, March 19, Karya previously worked as a housekeeper in a hotel, but he was laid off as COVID-19 pandemic put a nearly unbearable pressure on industries, including tourism and hospitality.

He then tried to sell merch in Kuta beach in Lombok but was unable to gain enough profit because there weren’t many tourists.

And when the World Superbike (WSBK) race was held in Mandalika in November last year, he was able make more money. And the opportunity comes again during the MotoGP race.

“If there’s no event, I usually sell about 10 shirts at most, but it increases twofold during events. I can make Rp500,000 [US$35.7] during event while on other days I will only make Rp100,000 to Rp150,000,” Karya said on Saturday.

Even though he’s unable to have a stall inside the circuit area, he’s still thankful that he can find a spot just outside the area to sell his merch.  

Another seller Saparoni said the authorities have actually designated special spots for sellers, but he said it’s too far from the circuit, and there aren’t as many fans compared to where he, and dozens of other sellers, are working.

“The rental fee is Rp120,000 per month, but there aren’t customers there,” he said. “I hope there will be more events in the future, so the economy can grow.”

According to him, during the MotoGP Mandalika, he can make up to Rp200,000 from Rp50,000 during days without events.

Besides shirts, merch sellers near the circuit also sell hat and bracelets.

The Indonesian MotoGP kicked off in Mandalika Circuit on Friday and will end on Sunday.

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