Presidential, VP Palaces in Nusantara to be Built in Separate Areas

Arfi Bambani
The new capital of Indonesia design
The new capital of Indonesia design - The presidential palace and vice-presidential palace in the new capital Nusantara will be developed in separate areas for security reasons, according to an official of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.

"Why the presidential and vice-presidential palaces in the new capital are separately located? (It is because) if the presidential and vice-presidential palaces are at the same location, both palaces would be in danger if the capital is threatened. Therefore, the palaces will be at separate locations for security reasons," the ministry's Director General of Human Settlement, Diana Kusumastuti, stated during an online press conference here on Saturday, March 26, 2022.

According to Kusumastuti, after deliberating on the issue with the Defence Ministry, the ministry decided that the presidential and vice presidential palaces in the new capital must not be developed in one compound and must be located separately.

 "Apart from the distinct functions (of both offices), we also have security concerns (that necessitate the palaces to be located separately)," she noted.

The director general confirmed that the vice presidential palace will be developed on a 14.8-hectare plot of land away from the presidential palace in the new capital Nusantara.

 Earlier, the directorate general confirmed that an architecture design competition for government buildings in the new capital Nusantara would be organized to invite residents to participate in the construction planning process and seek the best design for government buildings.

 The Vice-Presidential Palace would be among the contested design.

 Apart from the Vice-Presidential Palace and office compound, the competition also seeks public inputs for the designs of the parliamentary complex, the judiciary compound that will house the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, and the Judiciary Commission, as well as places of worship for the six recognized religions in Indonesia. 

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