Transportation Ministry Predicts 76M People Will Go on Mudik This Year

Diana Mariska
Travelers waiting for a bus at Terminal Kampung Rambutan in Jakarta. (Photo: Budhiyanto
Travelers waiting for a bus at Terminal Kampung Rambutan in Jakarta. (Photo: Budhiyanto - The Ministry of Transportation has predicted that about 79 million Indonesians will return to their hometown during Ramadan and Idul Fitri holiday this year, in a local tradition famously known as mudik.

Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said a recent survey showed that at least 79 million people said they would like to go on mudik, and the figure is predicted to have been driven by the fact that mudik was banned in 2020 and 2021.

“Research and development unit at the Ministry has conducted survey to anticipate Lebaran [Idul Fitri] holiday, and the number was very high with at least 79 million people want to go on mudik,” Sumadi said on Thursday, March 31, as reported by Antara.

“This is surely understandable because travel restrictions have been in place for the last two years, so many people want to mudik Lebaran.”

Some of the most popular mudik destinations are Central Java, East Java, and West Java, the survey revealed.

Sumadi also ensured that all modes of transport are in good condition to safely transport travelers to their hometowns as directors general have been ordered to carry out ramp check. The Ministry will also require health screening for pilots, ship captains, machinists, and bus drivers in facilities that will be set up at airports, terminals, stations, etc.

“We’re also instructing transport operators to ensure health protocols [are in place],” Sumadi said.

For mudik this year, the COVID-19 Task Force requires PCR or antigen tests or travelers who are partially and fully vaccinated while no test is required for those who have received their booster doses.

Booster was announced as the main requirements for Indonesians to go on mudik by President Joko Widodo last month.

“People are welcomed and allowed to mudik during Lebaran, under the condition that they have received two vaccine doses and one booster,” the President said on March 23.

Furthermore, Indonesians are also given the green light to perform congregational tarawih, or evening Ramadan prayer, at mosques.

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