New Capital Must Be Socioculturally, Socioeconomically Inclusive: BRIN

Diana Mariska
National Research and Innovation Agency's (BRIN) headquarters in Jakarta. (Photo: BRIN)
National Research and Innovation Agency's (BRIN) headquarters in Jakarta. (Photo: BRIN) - The National Research and Innovation Agency, or BRIN, has reminded that the development of Indonesia’s new capital must be inclusive from sociocultural and socioeconomic perspectives and take into account the existing values and systems among the people in East Kalimantan.

Head of BRIN Laksana Tri Handoko emphasized that locals shouldn’t be excluded from the government’s consideration in building new capital Nusantara that will be located in East Kalimantan province because ensuring inclusivity will encourage the city’s success.

“In the context of new capital’s development, we have to observe the sociocultural and socioeconomic situation, especially in East Kalimantan,” Handoko said on Thursday, April 14, as reported by Antara.

Since the new capital will be populated by locals and newcomers from different regions across Indonesia, it’s deemed crucial for the government to synergize all elements, so Nusantara can become the capital it’s expected to be.

Handoko said every existing artifact, local system, language, and culture needs to be preserved while adaptation and integration process of newcomers simultaneously continues.

“What’s equally important is to minimize and mitigate challenges in that context – how we can build multiculturalism and an inclusive community.”

Besides discussing the social issues, Handoko also expressed his support to make Nusantara a smart and green city. And to realize the vision, BRIN is ready to assist in the development of innovation- and technology-based infrastructure.

With the right and sufficient development, new capital Nusantara is expected to become an example of a circular and resilient city with positive economic growth as well as good resource and energy management.

“BRIN is ready to help realizing and mitigating those issue, so we can make the new capital a comfortable and safe city – also with focus on human rights,” Handoko concluded.

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