Bogor's Taman Safari Zoo Introduces a Brown Bear Cub

Diana Mariska
Brown bear cub introduced to Taman Safari Indonesia's visitors. (Photo: ANTARA/HO-TSI Bogor)
Brown bear cub introduced to Taman Safari Indonesia's visitors. (Photo: ANTARA/HO-TSI Bogor) - Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) zoo in Bogor, West Java, has recently introduced a new brown bear cub, which was recently born through its breeding program, to visitors.

On April 15-17, visitors could see the bear cub as the zoo celebrated World Bear Day on March 23.

“World Bear Day is dedicated to the conservation and protection or bears all across the globe. Coincidentally, we also successfully bred the brown bear,” TSI’s marketing communications Hafi told Antara on Sunday, April 17.

The female bear cub was born from adult female Gaby and male Niko, which were also born through the zoo’s conservation breeding program.

Hafi said visitors were only given an hour to see the bear cub at the Panda Castle to ensure the occasion didn’t cause any discomfort to the baby animal.

During the session, zoo management prepared a program to educate visitors about bears as well as competition and games for entertainment.

Visitors could also see for themselves how to treat and feed the cub in a nursery room-like display which also had an incubator to keep the cub warm.

The cub hasn’t been given a name and is still treated by animal clinic at TSI Bogor because the mother was deemed still unfit to take care of her cub.

Veterinarian at the zoo Bongot said the birth of the brown bear cub is a good news for bear conservation to prevent its extinction.

The vet added that by introducing the cub to visitors, the public at large is expected to become more aware of the animal’s existence, so they can take part in the conservation effort.

“The celebration of World Bear Day is expected to build public awareness on the importance of preserving wildlife, so there will be no more illegal bear poaching. Therefore, in the future, their population in nature can be in balance,” Bongot said.  

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