Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Decree on Sexual Violence in University

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Supreme Court headquarters in Jakarta. (Photo: Himawan)
Supreme Court headquarters in Jakarta. (Photo: Himawan) - The Supreme Court, or MA, has rejected judicial review request on the prevention and handling of sexual violence at higher education institution regulation issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology.

As reported by a Ministry’s official, MA announced that the request for judicial review on Permendikbudristek No. 30/2021 was rejected, and the Ministry appreciated the decision.

“We’re grateful that based on information on MA secretariat’s website, MA has rejected judicial review request on Permendikbudristek No. 30/2021. As of now, we’re waiting on the [official] release from MA,” inspectorate general at the Ministry Chatarina Muliana Girsang said on Monday, April 18, as reported by Antara.

The request was submitted by community organization from West Sumatra that focuses cultural preservation Lembaga Kerapatan Adat Alam Minangkabau (LKAAM) on March 2.

Meanwhile, Girsang said the ministerial regulation aims to prevent sexual violence from happening in universities as well as to ensure a victim-centered case handling.

“The issuance of this Permendikbudristek is a momentum to unite us in protecting the members of higher education institutions from threat of sexual violence that will destroy a future,” she explained, adding that the Ministry also recognized and appreciated supports from academic communities and all institutions that are against the cancelation of the regulation.

Among them is the National Commission on Violence against Women, or Komnas Perempuan, that voiced their support of the regulation and deemed LKAAM’s request for judicial review dismissible.

“After analyzing the judicial review request, Komnas Perempuan thinks the request should be entirely dismissed, as an affirmation of the state’s obligation to provide safe space that’s free from sexual violence, especially in educational environment,” Komnas Perempuan member Siti Aminah Tardi said in March.

The Ministry’s Regulation was issued in November last year with the main objective to eradicate sexual violence cases that occur at higher education institutions.

It received numerous supports from national figures.

Renowned Muslim cleric KH Husein Muhammad said he fully supported the regulation and asked concerning institutions to massively educate the public about the points stipulated while law professor at Airlangga University Basuki Rekso Wibowo was optimistic that the regulation would help universities to process sexual violence reports and take action on it.

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