Indonesia Wants Its G20 Presidency to Make Impact on Developing Countries

Diana Mariska
Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Teuku Faizasyah (center). (Photo: ANTARA/Kemlu RI)
Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Teuku Faizasyah (center). (Photo: ANTARA/Kemlu RI) - A top-level official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said the Indonesian government will actively include representatives from developing countries to discuss the themes set out by Indonesia during its G20 presidency, so the summit can also create meaningful impacts on developing countries.

The Ministry’s spokesperson Teuku Faizasyah stated that amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, G20 forum ideally can come up with solutions to support all parts of the world, especially the developing countries.

“Indonesia’s role becomes very important as we'd like to ensure our presidency doesn’t only give benefits to the 20 largest economies, but also to other countries – especially the developing ones,” Faizasyah said on Friday, April 22, as reported by Antara.

Therefore, he said Indonesia actively involves the countries’ representatives in G20 discussions as it has the privilege to set out the big themes as chair of G20.

The “Recover Together, Recover Stronger” theme was chosen because the discussions under that theme are expected to bring global-scale results.

Indonesia’s G20 presidency is focusing on three priorities, which are global health architecture, digital-based economic transformation, and energy transition. All three topics are designated as the basis for discussions at working group and engagement group levels.

“If we go back to 1999, G20 was established as a response to global economic crisis,” the spokesperson commented, adding that the forum was successful in offering solutions to the issue.

And the G20 summit this year is expected to show its power once again as the world is facing ongoing, unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among other things, the global economic slowdown, Faizasyah said, hopefully could end upon collective efforts by the G20 forum.

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