Embassy in Beijing Warns Indonesians of the Latest COVID-19 Wave in China

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The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing. (Photo:
The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing. (Photo: - The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing has warned 1,367 students in China to remain alert as the latest COVID-19 wave hit the country.

According to statement by Education Attache at the Embassy Yaya Sutarya, the most recent case surge in China started in school clusters, and the Embassy reminded all Indonesian students to stay alert on the updates.

“The warning is important considering the latest COVID-19 in Beijing was detected in school clusters,” Sutarya said on Thursday, April 28, as reported by Antara.

He also warned students to follow instructions from their respective schools and campuses and avoid going outside if it isn’t urgent.

“If it’s not immediately necessary, don’t leave the school area,” Sutarya warned.

Furthermore, the Embassy also asked all Indonesians who currently reside in China to observe all regulations set out by authorities, including for parents who live with their children in Beijing not to leave the city during Labor Day holiday.

“If they go to other cities, they have to undergo quarantine when returning, and their children won’t be able to attend school,” Sutarya informed.

According to report, 46 out of 138 confirmed cases in the last six days were found in schools.

In Chaoyang district, in which the majority of residents are foreign nationals, 14 students were confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus.

Since new clusters were found in two schools in the district on Friday, April 22, in-person learning at schools have almost been entirely stopped.

In Beijing, there are 25 university students and 15 school students from Indonesia.

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