Abdul Somad's Documents Complete When Traveling to Singapore: Immigration

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Ustaz Abdul Somad (Photo: Humas Unhas)
Ustaz Abdul Somad (Photo: Humas Unhas) - The Immigration Office in Batam has confirmed that Abdul Somad had completed all required documents prior to leaving Indonesia for Singapore as the news about his deportation circulated.

Speaking about the news, Batam Immigration Office said that according to immigration officer at Batam Centre, the renowned Islamic preacher Ustaz Abdul Somad, or UAS, had met all document requirements when he left from Batam to Singapore.

“For the departure, immigration documents brought by UAS were complete. There was no issue prior to the departure from Batam to Singapore,” chief of Class I Immigration Office Batam Subki Miuldi said on Tuesday, May 17, as reported by Antara.

Miuldi also revealed that UAS departed alongside a small group who were assumed to be his family members, and they traveled with a ferry from Batam Centre to Tanah Merah, Singapore.

The immigration official also confirmed that UAS wasn’t deported, but he was refused entry to the country upon passport checking at Tanah Merah port.

“It wasn’t deportation but refusal of entry during immigration document checking by officer there,” Miuldi said.

As for the reason behind the decision, Batam Immigration Office said it has yet to be informed. However, it also said that out of the entire group, only UAS wasn’t granted permit to enter Singapore.

Previously, UAS shared on his social media account that he was deported from Singapore. The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore later clarified the news and said it wasn’t true.

“I’d like to clarify that immigration officer stated that [UAS] wasn’t deported, but he was refused entry to Singapore because he didn’t meet the criteria for foreign national who wants enter Singapore,” coordinator for information, socio, and culture at the Embassy Ratna Lestari said.

Lestari said after the news circulated, the Embassy immediately maintained communication with Singapore’s immigration authorities, and that was the information provided by them.

She added that since UAS didn’t get the permit, his family members also returned to Indonesia.

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