A 2.5-Meter Saltwater Crocodile Found Near a School in West Sumatra

Diana Mariska
Crocodile illustration (Photo: Pelaez Duque)
Crocodile illustration (Photo: Pelaez Duque) - Local residents in Agam regency, West Sumatra, found a two-and-a-half-meter saltwater crocodile near an elementary school, and the incident resulted in a collective panic as the area was full of students.

A Crocodylus porosus was found just behind state elementary school SDN 12 Pasia Paneh in Tanjungmutiara subdistrict, Agam regency, on Friday, and locals immediately reported their finding to authorities.

“The 2.5-meter crocodile was seen sleeping behind SDN 12 Pasia Paneh,” Rinaldi, acting head of Disaster Mitigation Office (BPBD) in Agam said on Friday, May 20, as reported by Antara. He added the information received by his office was based on a video recording submitted by locals.

According to Rinaldi, the residents understandably panicked to have found the wild animal as the area was full of students at the time the crocodile was found.

Upon the report, BPBD Agam immediately coordinated with the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) in Maninjau to evacuate the crocodile and ensure public safety.

Lastly, he warned the public and students not to get near the location in which the crocodile was found and to avoid activities along the river in Tanjungmutiara because it’s the natural habitat of saltwater crocodiles.

“Don’t take bath or doing any other activities in the river because it may disturb the crocodiles,” Rinaldi ordered.

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