Health Ministry Orders Schools to Report Possible Acute Hepatitis Cases

Diana Mariska
In-person learning at a school in Malang, East Java. (Photo: Antara)
In-person learning at a school in Malang, East Java. (Photo: Antara) - The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology said it continues monitoring the spread of the mysterious acute hepatitis among children by coordinating with schools and order them to report any symptoms and case findings.

Acting head of cooperation and public relations bureau at the Ministry Anang Ristanto said the government is working closely with schools, and they’ve been informed to report acute hepatitis cases or any related symptoms found in schools.

“We’re ensuring schools report the finding of symptoms to the nearest health facilities. This must be done by each school if there’s a finding within [its location],” Ristanto said on Monday, May 23, as reported by Antara, adding that the monitoring is done through close coordination between the education and health offices as in-person learning continues.

While observing the recent situation of the mysterious outbreak, the Ministry continues to educate members of the school communities to implement clean and healthy lifestyle as well as communicating the necessary measures if cases of acute hepatitis or other diseases are found in schools.

“We’re also preparing the communication process on the handling and referral mechanisms for acute hepatitis symptoms and other contagious diseases found in schools,” Ristanto added.

In addition to ensuring all school members are informed about the healthy and clean lifestyle program, the government is also making sure all health facilities are prepared to protect and treat children from acute hepatitis – and every other disease. Immunization and periodic health assessment are some of the services planned.

Collaboration on waste management and school sanitation is also promoted and encouraged by the Ministry to make schools a clean space for children.

“We also urge food vendors and everyone within the school environment to implement the healthy and clean lifestyle,” Ristanto concluded.

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