University Student Arrested for Suspected Ties with Islamic State

Diana Mariska
National Police’s spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan. (Photo: Polri)
National Police’s spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan. (Photo: Polri) - The National Police’s counterterrorism unit Detachment 88, or Densus 88, has arrested a university student in Malang, East Java, over suspected ties with the Islamic State (IS)

Spokesperson at the National Police Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan confirmed the suspected IS supporter is a student in a higher education institution in Malang.

“Suspect IA, 22 years old, is a student in a university in Malang,” Ramadhan said on Tuesday, May 24, as reported by Antara.

According to him, IA was arrested by Densus 88 on Monday, May 23, at 12.00 p.m. local time after evidences showed suspect’s involvement in terrorism offence.

IA reportedly took part in fundraising activities to support IS activities in Indonesia.

“In addition, suspect managed the social media to spread IS’s materials on terrorism,” Ramadhan added.

Aside from his role in the IS, IA was also reported to have maintained close communication with MR, a terrorist suspect with links to Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) who was arrested earlier this year.

“This intense communication was related to the amaliyah [suicide bombing] plan at public facilities and police offices,” the brigadier general said.

Densus 88, Ramadhan said, still continues to investigate IA and the terrorist group the suspect is under.

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