'One Day No Fishing' in Selayar Seeks to Restore Ocean Health, Fish Stocks

Diana Mariska
Local fishermen in Lhokseumawe, Aceh. (Photo: ANTARA FOTO/Rahmad)
Local fishermen in Lhokseumawe, Aceh. (Photo: ANTARA FOTO/Rahmad) - The fisheries office in Selayar Islands regency, South Sulawesi, has announced the implementation of “one day no fishing” program every Friday to restore marine health as well as preserving fish stock in their waters.

According to the office’s head Makkawaru, in dealing with the practice of destructive fishing in the industry, inviting local fishermen to take one day-off from fishing every week is a good initiative that can lead to a more sustainable fisheries in the region.

“This is one of the local policies that must be appreciated where for a day in a week, fishermen are not fishing,” Makkawaru said on Monday, May 30, as reported by Antara.

Makkawaru added the program is also in line with the regional action plan (RAD) for the 2021-2025 period that seeks to eliminate destructive fishing and promote a sustainable industry. The RAD itself was approved in November last year by Selayar Islands regent.

The Selayar Islands regency is also home to the Taka Bonerate National Park, which hosts the largest atoll in Southeast Asia and the third largest in the world, according to UNESCO.

Besides several protected marine fauna species, such as the hawksbill turtle, green turtle, dolphin, napoleon fish, sperm whale, and fin whale, up to 26 mangrove species can also be found in the area – along with 34 species of birds.

This reserve is one of the focal pints of the regional action plan, and to ensure the RAD and “one day no fishing” initiative are implemented accordingly, authorities said collaboration between stakeholders are crucial.

Head of Taka Bonerate National Park office Faat Rudhianto said due to its rich potential, the marine park faces the risk of destructive fishing that use the likes of fishing bomb, poison, and purse seine.

Therefore, aside from government and law enforcers, private sectors and public in general also play a part in the success of the plan to sustainable fishing.

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