11 Fishermen from Aceh Detained by Thai Authorities for Illegal Entry

Diana Mariska
Fishermen illustration (Photo: Riaulink)
Fishermen illustration (Photo: Riaulink) - The leader of local fishing community in Aceh has confirmed that 11 fishermen from East Aceh were detained by authorities in Thailand for illegal entry to the country.

According to information from Herman as local leader – locally known as Panglima Laot – in Idi Cut, East Aceh, the fishermen were arrested by Thai authorities after they were found to have illegally entered the territory of Thailand.

“Based on information we’ve received, there are 11 fishers from East Aceh detained by authorities in Thailand,” Herman said on Wednesday, June 22, as reported by Antara.

All fishermen were crew of KM Boat Nakri, and they were detained in Phuket waters on Saturday, June 18, after departing from Kuala Cut Idi on Sunday, June 12.

The names of the fishermen have yet to be revealed.

Chief of East Aceh Water Police First Pol. Inspector Zainurusydi has also confirmed news about the arrest.

“They were detained for violating territorial waters. Our coordination also revealed that the boat departed from Kuala Idi Cut, and not from [fishing port] Pelabuhan Perikanan Nusantara Idi,” Zainurusydi said.

The police added the boat was without necessary documents, including sailing and fishing licenses, and it complicated things for authorities in Indonesia to unveil the names of fishers who are currently under arrest.

“Despite the fact, we continue to find out who are the boat crew who were detained in Thailand, including by coordinating with Panglima Laot and vessel owner,” Zainurusydi confirmed.

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