Mahathir Mohamad Clarifies Remark on Riau Islands Claim

Arfi Bambani
Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Dr Mahathir Mohamad - Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad clarified his remarks regarding Malaysia's supposed claim to the Riau Islands and Singapore. In his written statement to the media received in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, Mahathir said his remarks had been taken out of context, and reports about what he conveyed at the meeting with the Malays were inaccurate.

"I'm not asking Malaysia to claim the land we've lost," he said, Thursday, June 23, 2022.

He wanted to say that Malaysia was very worried about losing a stone the size of a table but never worried about the larger part of Malaysia being taken from them. "Losing Batu Puteh Island is not a big problem. It is the fault of the Johor Government to deny that it belongs to Johor. If that refusal had not been carried out, there would be no dispute now," he said.

Mahathir said Malaysia should be grateful to the international court that gave Ligitan and Sipadan islands to them. These islands are much more valuable than Batu Puteh Island.

According to him, Malaysia should be grateful that Indonesia has no problem with the gift. "We are not grateful for that advantage".

Previously, it was widely reported that the former Malaysian Prime Minister said that Malaysia should claim Singapore and the Riau Islands as part of the Malay Land which has historical relations with Malaysia.

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