13 Hotspots Detected in Four Regencies in East Kalimantan

Diana Mariska
Forest fire illustration (Photo: Special Doc.)
Forest fire illustration (Photo: Special Doc.) - The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has announced that it detected 13 hotspots in four regencies across East Kalimantan province on Monday.

BMKG’s station in the city of Balikpapan said that two days prior to the finding, 14 hotspots were also detected in the region.

“There are 13 hotspots monitored today from 1 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Indonesian Time, which are spread across four regencies,” forecaster at BMKG Balikpapan Iwan Munandar confirmed on Monday, June 27, as reported by Antara.

The 13 hotspots were immediately communicated to all concerning agencies, including the disaster mitigation office (BPBD) at provincial and local level.

The hotspots were detected in West Kutai (one hotspot), Kutai Kartanegara (two), East Kutai (three), and Berau (seven) regencies.

The one detected in West Kutai was located in Long Iram subdistrict, while in Kutai Kartanegara, the hotspots were detected in Marangkayu and Loa Janan subdistricts.

Two hotspots in Bengalon subdistrict and another one in Busang subdistricts were monitored within the East Kutai regency.

Lastly, Gunung Tabur, Segah, and Talisayan subdistricts were reported to be the locations of the seven hotspots in Berau regency.

All hotspots were monitored in medium confidence level.

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