Indonesians in Sri Lanka Confirmed Safe Amid Ongoing Mass Protests

Diana Mariska
Protesters in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on July 9, 2022. (Photo: Antara)
Protesters in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on July 9, 2022. (Photo: Antara) - Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that Indonesian citizens in crisis-hit Sri Lanka are currently in safe condition amid the ongoing protests in the South Asian country.

Based on information shared by director of citizen protection at the Ministry Judha Nugraha, all Indonesians in Sri Lanka are currently safe and continuously monitored by the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) there.

“The Indonesian Embassy in Colombo reported there are 340 Indonesian citizens in Sri Lanka, and all of them are in good condition and are monitored by KBRI,” Nugraha said on Monday, July 11, as reported by Antara.

On July 9, angry protesters, who demanded the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, stormed the residence of the two leading state figures.

“Even though protesters occupy those objects, general security situation in the city of Colombo is still considerably conducive,” Nugraha explained.

Even though a number of people were reportedly wounded in the protests, he confirmed that no Indonesian is included in the list of wounded protestors.

The Indonesian Embassy in Colombo has also issued warning for all Indonesians to try and not leave the house while the unrest continues and to avoid crowds and masses in areas where protests are concentrated.

They are also warned against getting involved in the protests and asked to immediately contact the Embassy in the event of emergency on (94) 772773123.

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