Indonesian Steel Sets Foot in New Zealand Market After US$4M Export

Diana Mariska
Steel plates illustration (Photo: PT Gunung Raja Paksi)
Steel plates illustration (Photo: PT Gunung Raja Paksi) - Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan said Indonesian steel’s export opportunity to New Zealand is growing after steel company PT Gunung Raja Paksi Tbk exported US$4 million worth of steel to the Oceania country.

Hasan, who was present at the shipping ceremony, said the export is a testament to the quality of local steel, and he expressed optimism that export opportunity for the commodity will grow bigger in the coming period.

“I understand that New Zealand imposes strict qualifications, and this export is the evidence that the quality of Indonesian steel is world class and is well-accepted,” he said on Tuesday, July 26, as reported by Antara.

Indonesian company PT Gunung Raja Paksi exported steel plate, structural beam, and welded beam to Dunedin Hospital in New Zealand. The Minister asked the company to maintain the quality of its products, so Indonesia can be further recognized as an industrial country and more investments can support the industry.

According to Hasan, New Zealand is currently not one of the main destinations for iron and steel export from Indonesia, but he expected the achievement recorded by PT Gunung Raja Paksi can open the door for more exports.

Steel products from PT Gunung Raja Paksi were previously used for Los Angeles International Airport expansion, Sydney Indoor Stadium, and Lucid Motor plan construction.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, the products were also used for Metro Stadium Christchurch, University of Auckland Building 507, and Waimakariri Bridge.

“Therefore, I challenge PT Gunung Raja Paksi to double the export – not only to main destination countries, but also to potential markets like New Zealand,” Hasan said.

The high-level official lastly asked companies to make the best use of trade agreements between Indonesia and countries like Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, South Korea, and others.

“All have provided preferential treatment in the form of tariffs, so the chance to penetrate the market is bigger,” Hasan concluded.

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