Officers Try to Lure 2-Meter Crocodile Out of a Pond Owned by Local

Diana Mariska
Crocodile illustration (Photo: Pelaez Duque)
Crocodile illustration (Photo: Pelaez Duque) - Firefighters in Bintan regency, Riau Islands, are still reportedly working to lure out and evacuate a two-meter crocodile that entered a pond owned by one of the locals in Kampung Jawa village in the regency.

The animal is estimated to have been inside the 6x8-meter and 40-meter deep pond for a while after the nearby river previously overflowed.

“According to pond owner Udin, the crocodile came from Lekop Bintan river during flood a while ago,” official from East Bintan fire department Nurwendi said on Thursday, July 28, as reported by Antara.

Fire department and municipal police worked together in an attempt to lure the crocodile out of the pond by setting up a trap using chicken carcass, and Nurwendi said he’s optimistic that the effort will be successful as there is no other food in the pond.

Upon evacuation, officers will release the animal into its natural habitat, so it no longer becomes a threat to local residents.

Nurwendi also warned locals against doing too many activities nearby the pond where the croc is still located.

According to him, this is not the first time a crocodile enters residential areas as in June, fire officers managed to evacuate a 1.5-meter croc that entered nearby river in Kampung Kolong Enam village in East Bintan.

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