Four Fishermen Rescued After Three Days at Bangka Waters

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Four fishermen rescued from Bangka waters. (Photo: ANTARA/Yude)
Four fishermen rescued from Bangka waters. (Photo: ANTARA/Yude) - The Indonesian Navy successfully rescued four fishermen who had spent three nights at Bangka waters in the province Bangka Belitung after their fishing vessel KM Rizky capsized during bad weather.

Commander of Super Garuda Shield 2022 Task Force First Admiral H. Krisno Utomo said the rescue took place on Sunday, July 31, during a convoy.

“Alhamdulillah, yesterday at 7.30 a.m. WIB [Western Indonesia Time], the Indonesian warships that were convoying to Batam rescued four fishermen who were in healthy condition. They were found in the eastern part of Bangka waters,” Utomo said on Monday, August 1, as reported by Antara.

According to him, Ikram (35 years old), Suryanto (42), Hajra (22), and Lasu Harjo (29) had spent three days at sea by holding onto a board.

“They were weak when we found them, and we immediately helped them get into the warship and provided them with first aid,” Utomo explained.

The disaster reportedly occurred when the fishermen’s fishing vessel experienced engine failure, and the weather was rough at the moment.

“During the incident, they hadn’t caught many fish, and they said the boat and all the fish were drowned.”

Utomo revealed that the four fishermen would be handed to the Batam Naval Base, the police, the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas), and the Indonesian Fishermen Association (HNSI). And upon health assessment, they will be returned to their hometown.

Captain of the now-capsized KM Rizky Ikram said bad weather contributed to the damages on the boat.

And after the boat drowned, the four of them tried to stay afloat and survive for three nights.

“We floated by using a fiber cover for three days and three nights without food nor drink,” Ikram recalled.

He lastly expressed his gratitude to the Navy for rescuing them and revealed that all of them had actually resigned to their fate.

“My friends and I thank the Navy personnel for rescuing use. We are truly grateful,” Ikram concluded.

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