Lawmakers Praise Telkomsel's Investment in GoTo

Lawmakers Praise Telkomsel's Investment in GoTo

Member of Commission VI of the DPR Harris Turino remarked that the investment was made not only to obtain short-term capital gains but to also create synergies between Telkomsel and GoTo in the future


Mitratel Becomes the Largest Tower Provider in Southeast Asia

Arfi Bambani
A Mitratel Tower
A Mitratel Tower - PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi Tbk (Mitratel) has officially become the largest telecommunications tower provider in Southeast Asia after acquiring 6,000 units of telecommunications towers belonging to PT Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel).

“Mitratel is now the largest tower company in terms of tower ownership in Southeast Asia. Our ownership is 34,800 and the second one is far below us," said Mitratel President Director Theodorus Ardi Hartoko at a Media Gathering in Jakarta, Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

Theodorus Ardi Hartoko, who is familiarly called Teddy, said that the acquisition could be the main capital for market expansion and support the acceleration of 5G network implementation in Indonesia, adding Mitratel production equipment and confirming Mitratel as the largest tower provider company in Southeast Asia. "Mitratel continues to transform its business to ensure that the telecommunications business has a very wide space and Mitratel has a wider space to grow its long-term business," he said.

On the same occasion, Mitratel Investment Director Hendra Purnama said that the acquisition, which was officially signed on Friday, July 29, was different from the previous acquisition because 60 percent of the towers were micro towers with a height of around 10-15 meters with a potential for 5G networks. For the tower position, he continued, as many as 58 percent are in urban areas, followed by suburban areas with a percentage of 29 percent and rural areas as much as 13 percent.

Through this acquisition, the Telkom subsidiary received an additional new contract of nearly Rp9.6 trillion for 10 years. So if we add up the value of existing contracts, it reaches Rp 42 trillion.

"If we look at 2018 until now, the growth of Mitratel's contracts is at 26 percent. This amount of growth can be said to be very significant," he said.

Purnama further revealed that through the acquisition and brilliant performance during Semester 1 2022, Mitratel again revised its guidance for 2022. He said that initially, Mitratel was targeting to add 6,000 towers in stages with a total of 3,000 towers in 2022 and another 3,000 in 2023, but the target was completed within 1 year.

Therefore, Mitratel made adjustments on various aspects, such as revenue which initially rose by 10-11 percent at the end of the year, being changed to 12 percent. Then the increase in EBTIDA is changed to 15 percent from the previous 13 percent. CAPEX which increased to Rp. 14 trillion.

"At the beginning of the year of tower construction, we mentioned 750, we have confidence at 1,000. And in terms of fiber optics, it turns out that in the first semester we were able to get 8,000 and this year we can be confident that we can build 9,000 km," Purnama stated.

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