Search Continues to Find Missing Teenager Attacked by Crocodile in Ternate

Diana Mariska
Crocodile illustration (Photo: Pelaez Duque)
Crocodile illustration (Photo: Pelaez Duque) - The Ternate National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) continues the search to find a 15-year-old boy who was attacked and dragged by a crocodile into Tolire Lake in the city in North Maluku province.

Head of Ternate Basarnas Fathur Rahman said the search and rescue team had been deployed to three locations, and evacuation effort will heavily depend on the field condition.

“We will look into the field’s condition first because the body has been taken to the middle of the lake by the crocodile,” Rahman said on Thursday, August 4, as reported by Antara.

The body of the teenager has been reportedly seen in the three locations in which the SAR team was deployed. However, the animal dragged the body further into the lake.

Based on aerial images taken by drone, the crocodile still dragged the body along with it which complicated evacuation effort.

Ternate Police had also temporarily closed down the Tolire Lake tourism area while search continues.

Chief of Ternate Police Grand Commissioner Adjutant Andik Purnomo Sigit confirmed that the lake will be closed for tourists during the SAR effort, and warning sign will be installed near the location to prevent more victims.

It was reported that 15-year-old Farjan from Takome village in Ternate was fishing in Tolire Lake when a crocodile attacked and dragged him into the lake.

A local said that on Wednesday, Farjan’s body was seen floating, but limited access to the lake thwarted the attempt on evacuation.

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