Jakarta Sets $0.7 for One Journey with Public Transport

Jakarta Sets $0.7 for One Journey with Public Transport

the integration tariff will be made free to 16 community groups in Jakarta. The 16 community groups include Jakarta's civil servants, retired Jakarta civil servants, Jakarta contract workers, and recipients of the Jakarta Plus Card (KJP)


Jakarta to Integrate Ride Sharing with MRT System

Arfi Bambani
A ride sharing service, Gojek
A ride sharing service, Gojek - Jakarta-owned public transportation enterprise PT JakLingko Indonesia, as the manager of the intermodal payment system, has prepared an integrated tariff for online motorcycle taxis, which will be implemented in mid-August 2022.

The launch of the integrated intermodal tariff will also coincide with the rollout of the JakLingko application and card, which will make it easier for users to plan trips using public transportation, including online motorcycle taxis, president director of PT JakLingko Indonesia, Muhamad Kamaluddin, said here on Friday, August 5, 2022.

"Later, (users can) use a code for online motorcycle taxis. We try to help all, (so) that it can be enjoyed by all people," he added.

Online motorcycle taxis act as supporting or feeder transportation by ferrying users to bus stops or their destinations, which would soon be done using the integrated JakLingko application, he explained.

Through the application, public transportation users will be able to plan their trips using various transportation options, namely bus rapid transit TransJakarta, Jakarta LRT, and Jakarta MRT, he noted.

Users will also be able to opt for intermodal travel based on the fastest as well as the most affordable route.

The JakLingko application will also feature real-time tracking of each transportation mode so that users do not have to worry about arriving late at their destination.

Ahead of the mid-August launch, JakLingko has integrated electronic money (e-money) cards from various banks that can later record intermodal movements, he said. "What we do with banking is to format the old card, so bank card users will only need to tap once on the JakLingko machine, and the card format will change and record the integration of intermodal movements," he said.

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