CPP Block Now Managed by Riau Regional Owned Enterprise

Arfi Bambani
Illustration: Cepu block. (Photo: SKK Migas)
Illustration: Cepu block. (Photo: SKK Migas) - Riau Governor Syamsuar said Riau Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD), namely PT Bumi Siak Pusako (BSP), is now managing 100 percent of the Coastal Plains and Pekanbaru (CPP) Oil and Gas Working Areas or Block in Riau Province. This block was previously managed with Pertamina Hulu.

"Thanks to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for trusting the Riau Provincial Government to manage 100 percent of the oil and gas working area in this area, after previously having PT SPR Langgak in the Langgak Working Area," said Syamsuar in his statement in Pekanbaru, Tuesday, August 9, 2022.

Syamsuar said the mandate given to manage the CPP Working Area (WK) to PT Bumi Siak Pusako (BSP) was a special gift for the people of Riau in conjunction with the 65th Anniversary of Riau Province on August 9, 2022. "Because on August 9, 2022, all Riau people will celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Riau Province with the Riau Superior tagline," he said.

Meanwhile, Director of PT Bumi Siak Pusako, Iskandar, thanked the Governor of Riau Syamsuar for providing suggestions and input to the management of PT Bumi Siak Pusako. Iskandar said that Riau Governor Syamsuar was also directly involved in fighting for the management rights of the CPP Working Area.

"His action like that is a whip for all ranks of Bumi Siak Pusako to always be optimistic and do business," he said.

Based on the data, after 20 years of joint management, starting August 9, 2022, the management of the CPP Block will be fully managed by PT Bumi Siak Pusako. Previously, the CPP Block was managed together with PT Pertamina (Persero) through the Joint Operational Body (BOB) scheme of PT BSP-Pertamina Hulu.

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