Police, Military Involved in National Stunting Prevention, Eradication

Diana Mariska
A child attending the integrated health post, or Posyandu, in Masawah village in West Java. (Photo: Masawah Village Government)
A child attending the integrated health post, or Posyandu, in Masawah village in West Java. (Photo: Masawah Village Government) - The Indonesian police and military will be actively involved in national programs against stunting after an agreement was signed with the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN).

Indonesia’s National Police (Polri) and National Armed Forces (TNI) signed an MOU with BKKBN that regulates their role in the war against malnutrition in children.

“We are ready to support stunting eradication. TNI will have all Level 1 health facilities in all military branches as companions and to guide [community health posts] Posyandu and Posbindu,” TNI Commander Gen. Andika Perkasa said on Monday, August 8, as reported by Antara.

The MOU also states that BBKBN activities will involve police and military personnel, including in advocacy; communication, information, and education; access expansion; as well as family planning and reproductive health services improvement.

The police and military will also involve in economic and sociocultural sectors in society to help building the capacity of concerning stakeholders and individuals in stunting eradication effort.

The Ministry of Health has previously revealed that stunting prevalence in Indonesia in 2021 is 24.4 percent, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), public health is considered poor if country’s stunting prevalence is above 20 percent.

And to reduce the figure, Gen. Perkasa reiterated the commitment to support programs tailored by related ministries and agencies.

“We are ready to help as instructed by President [Joko Widodo], and most of [our resources] will be diverted for reducing stunting,” he claimed.

Polri’s Center for Medical and Health Service (Pusdokkes) also reaffirmed the commitment on the issue.

“The handling of stunting must be comprehensive, integrated, and collaborative. Polri is committed to optimally support the acceleration of stunting eradication,” chief of Pusdokkes Insp. Gen. Asep Hendradiana said.

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