Ministry Targets 1.8M People Employed in Green Economy Sector by 2030

Diana Mariska
Electric vehicle charging station (SPKLU) in MT Haryono, Jakarta. (Photo: Winanto])
Electric vehicle charging station (SPKLU) in MT Haryono, Jakarta. (Photo: Winanto]) - The Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) has revealed that it targets 1.8 million people to be employed in green economy sector in the country by 2030, including in energy, electric vehicle (EV), land restoration, and waste treatment.

Development planner at the Ministry Arifin Rudiyanto revealed the target and added that the implementation of green economy is part of an economic transformation that Indonesia is seeking to achieve, and the Green Economy Index (GEI) is developed to measure that transformation.

“Green Economy Index is Indonesia's tangible manifestation to measure the effectiveness of sustainable and low-carbon economic transformation using accurate methodology,” Rudiyanto said on Tuesday, August 9, as reported by Antara.

According to him, the Indonesian government is serious in accelerating green economy in the country and expects it to create millions of new jobs for Indonesians. The government will also make GEI one of the targets for macro development and include it in mid-term and long-term national development plans.

GEI contains 15 indicators in three pillars of sustainability, including environment, economy, and social.

According to the index, transition to green economy could boost Indonesia’s GDP to 6.1 to 6.5 percent per year until 2050, reduce 87 to 96 billion tonnes of emission between 2021 and 2060, and reduce emission intensity by up to 68 percent in 2045.

And in environmental sector, green economy could save 40,000 individuals from the danger of air pollution by 2045 and protect up to 3.2 million hectares of primary forests by 2060.

Lastly, the transition will also expand the total area of mangrove forests to 3.6 million hectares by 2060.

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