Man Wanted for Kidnaping, Sexually Abusing Underage Student for Months

Diana Mariska
Child sexual abuse illustration
Child sexual abuse illustration - The Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection has asked the police to immediately find and arrest a man wanted for allegedly kidnaping and sexually abusing 15-year-old student in Pati regency, Central Java.

Deputy for child protection at the Ministry Nahar said the perpetrator is still at large, and he demanded the police to take action and find the man.

“The individual who raped and locked up a junior high school student in Pati regency is still at large, and we hope the perpetrator can be arrested. We support police effort that continues to track him down,” Nahar said on Thursday, August 11, as reported by Antara.

He also strongly condemned the kidnapping and sexual abuse, especially since the underage victim is currently 18-week pregnant.

The Ministry is coordinating with the integrated services center of women and children (P2TP2A) in Pati to provide necessary services for victim, including psychological rehabilitation.

It was previously reported that perpetrator PH kidnapped and locked up victim N for four months, during which victim was repeatedly tortured and raped.

Since being taken in May 2022, victim was eventually found in Alasdowo village, also within Pati regency.

Meanwhile, the police is still working to find the perpetrator.

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