Indonesia Press Freedom Index Increase: Press Council

Arfi Bambani
Chairman of Indonesian Press Council, Prof Azyumardi Azra
Chairman of Indonesian Press Council, Prof Azyumardi Azra - Chairman of the Indonesian Press Council, Prof. Azyumardi Azra, said that the Press Independence Index (IKP) has increased, from 76.02 points in 2021 to 77.88 points in 2022. Despite the increase, Azra reminded the Indonesian people, especially the press community, not to be complacent with the increase in the IKP.

"The press freedom tends to increase. Slightly, but increasing," said Azra when opening the Launching of the 2022 Press Independence Index Survey Results monitored on the Zoom Meeting platform from Jakarta, Thursday, August 25, 2022.

He emphasizes that press freedom must still be fought for. "In the last few weeks, the Press Council has struggled to ensure that press freedom can be guaranteed," said Azra.

He revealed that the Press Council had sent the Problem Inventory List (DIM) of the Criminal Code Bill (RUU KUHP) to the House of Representatives (DPR) related to several articles that could threaten press freedom. "The DIM was praised by the DPR as a very good and productive thing to perfect the Criminal Code Bill," said the former Chancellor of Jakarta State Islamic University.

Azra also expressed his gratitude to the government for opening up space for consultation regarding the Criminal Code Bill. "In essence, we are happy that there is an increase in the Press Freedom Index. However, press personnel should not be satisfied yet because there are still challenges that must be fought for," he said.

On that occasion, Head of the Commission for Research, Data Collection, and Press Ratification of the Press Council Ninik Rahayu revealed that there was an upward trend in the last 5 years (2018-2022), starting from 69.00 (2018) to 73.71 points (2019), 75, 27 points (2020), 76.02 points (2021), and 77.88 points in 2022.

"The IKP of 77.88 indicates that the national press is in a 'free enough' condition to express the information and news presented," said Rahayu.

In addition to the moderately free category, there are free categories for the index of 90-100 points, moderately free (70-89), somewhat free (56-69), less free (31-55), and not free (1-30). The 2022 IKP Survey methodology uses quantitative and qualitative methods, using a questionnaire instrument, as well as conducting in-depth interviews with expert informants and focus group discussions.

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