13 Indonesian Fishermen Arrested in Papua New Guinea for Illegal Fishing

Diana Mariska
Fishermen (Photo: Riaulink)
Fishermen (Photo: Riaulink) - The Indonesian Embassy said it continues to push the Papua New Guinean (PNG) government to allow access to the 13 Indonesian fishermen arrested for illegal fishing activities in PNG territorial waters.

Indonesian Embassy to PNG Andriana Supandi revealed his office had sent an official letter asking for communication access to the 13 fishers from Merauke who were detained while they were fishing in PNG waters. Based on information, all of them were being taken to capital city Port Moresby from Daru.

“After they had been arrested, they were not immediately taken ashore. Afterwards, the PNG government ordered the fishing boat and its crew to be taken to Moresby,” Supandi said on Sunday, August 28, as reported by Antara.

The state representative did not confirm the exact date of when the fishermen will arrive because it was also reported that the weather had been bad in PNG.

Upon their arrival in Port Moresby, the Indonesian Embassy plans to immediately provide necessary services for the fishermen, including opening access for them to communicate with family members in Merauke.

In the meantime, the Embassy continues to wait for further information from PNG authorities.

The 13 crew of Arsyla 77 fishing boat are Sarif Casiman (32), Riki Heni Setiawan (38), Farid Sasole (32), Feli Puswaskor (22), Joni (46), Ceno Jelafui (28), Rohman (43), Joni (51), Amin Nurul Mustofa (21), Nuriadi (42), Beni Wasel (26), Fernando Tuwok (22), and Laode Darsan (40).

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