Here are the Award-Winning Startups in the G20 Digital Innovation Network

Arfi Bambani
Appreciation for startups in the category of supply chain sector in G20 DIN
Appreciation for startups in the category of supply chain sector in G20 DIN - Indonesia officially closed the G20 Digital Innovation Network (DIN) forum by giving appreciation to the innovative startups selected by the judges and participants involved in the event which took place in Nusa Dua, Bali.

"We are now at the end of the Digital Innovation Network, but it is really just the beginning. Because in this extraordinary three-day event there is a lot of intuitive involvement in planning the use of digital technology that can help all of us to recover and thrive in the aftermath of the pandemic," said the Director General of Applications and Information of the Ministry of Communication and Information (Dirjen Aptika Kemenkominfo) Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan at the event location, Sunday, September 4, 2022.

Symbolic appreciation was given to startups with the best innovations from five sectors, namely healthcare, education technology, financial inclusion, green and renewable energy, and supply chain. These innovations have been shared in digital innovation forums and are expected to inspire other startups to prepare for the development of other interesting digital solutions.

The winners of the Digital Innovation Network (DIN) of G20 2022 are divided into two categories, namely the category of judges' choice and the favorite category voted by participants.

From the category of judges selection, the winners for the healthcare sector were UCARE.AI from Singapore and Neurobots from Brazil, for the supply chain sector were MOOVA from Argentina and Sinbad from Indonesia, for the green and renewable energy sector were Xurya from Indonesia and Uali from Argentina, for the education technology sector Edubuk from India and Accredify from Singapore, and the financial inclusion sector were WireBarley from South Korea and Lendo from Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, the favorite category that was chosen by the DIN G20 participants, were NUSANTIC from Indonesia and Qapsula from Russia for the healthcare sector, Eunimart from India and FairSupply from Australia for the supply chain sector, EINHUNDERT Energie from Germany and MVL Labs from the green and renewable energy sector, Cakap from Indonesia and Sarente Gameon from Turkiye for the education technology sector, and Komunal from Indonesia and Lendo from Saudi Arabia for the financial inclusion sector.

"With the involvement of 52 startups and 42 venture capitalists, we hope that the participants of this event have explored and created a lot of potential collaborations and investments," said Pangerapan.

Pangerapan said that in the future Indonesia will release a book that can also be accessed digitally in the form of an e-book that includes the journey of the G20 DIN as well as innovations and ideas developed by startups that have won appreciation in this event.

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