Embassy Demands Answer After Migrant Worker Brutally Tortured in Malaysia

Diana Mariska
Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Hermono (Photo: Antara)
Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Hermono (Photo: Antara) - Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Hermono said Malaysian government must investigate and legally process involved parties in the most recent case of torture of Indonesian migrant worker in Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur.

Hermono confirmed that 46-year-old Zailis, who worked as a domestic worker, had been brutally tortured by her employer in Malaysia.

“Upon receiving report about the torture, the police attache and I immediately went to see victim at Selayang Hospital. Her condition was indescribable, and I can conclude that it was a brutal torture,” Hermono said on Monday, September 5, as reported by Antara.

According to the Ambassador, based on Zailis’ stories and the injuries found on her body, the torture had been taking place for a long time.

“There were burns from boiling water on her back and chest. Her hand had also been broken for about three months,” Hermono said.

Zailis also lost 30 kilograms since she started working in Malaysia.

She is originally from West Sumatra, but prior to working abroad, she had lived in Binjai, North Sumatra.

The employer reportedly disabled any form of communication between the Indonesian worker and her family members as well as prohibiting her from leaving the house.

After Zailis had broken her hand, her employer forced her to continue working without being medicated. And that was also the case with her other injuries, including the burns.

Hermono also confirmed that Zailis’ male employer is a police officer in Malaysia. Therefore, he demanded the case to be investigated soon.

“How is it possible that a law enforcer enables torture in his own home for years? This is inhumane,” the Ambassador stated.

Besides inflicting injuries, the employer also failed to pay Zailis’ salary since she started working for them with a total of Rp 106.23 million.

Malaysian Minister of Human Resources Saravanan Murugan confirmed that his office would start examining the case as well as identifying the employer.

He also reiterated his commitment against violence and torture of Malaysian and foreign workers.

On Tuesday, August 30, Zailis successfully ran away from her employer’s house and was taken to the police with the help of nearby residents.

She is currently placed in a shelter, Hermono said, and the Indonesian Embassy is now working to ensure Zailis is medically treated before being placed back in shelter.

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