Wild Elephant Enters Residential Area in Aceh, Seen in a River

Diana Mariska
Elephant illustration (Photo: Pexels/Katie Hollamby)
Elephant illustration (Photo: Pexels/Katie Hollamby) - A wild elephant has entered residential area near the border of Cot Dulang and Bak Paoh villages in Aceh Jaya regency, Aceh province.

The wildlife was first seen by Cot Dulang resident Rahimi (40) on Thursday, September 8, in a nearby river. Rahimi was crossing a bridge in the area when he spotted the male elephant below the bridge.

“When I was heading to Lamno market, I saw an elephant in the river from atop the bridge,” Rahimi said, as reported by Antara.

He immediately reported the sighting to Pante Keutapang village leader who later forwarded the information to local police and ranger.

Nurdin, acting regent of Aceh Jaya, said upon receiving information about the elephant entering residential area, he immediately monitored the location.

“Along with village and urban ward leaders, the military, the police, and ranger, we collectively managed to lead the elephant out of the area. Alhamdulillah, it has returned to its habitat,” Nurdin said.

The regency leader also hoped that local Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) can mitigate and handle the long-standing issue because wild elephants entering residential areas and plantations is not uncommon in Aceh.

“It’s time to localize the elephants to their natural habitat by extending the use of electric fence and rehabilitating forests as well as replanting trees and crops for their food,” Nurdin called.

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