44 Million Indonesians Expected to Travel During Year-End Holidays

Diana Mariska
Commuters in Tanah Abang station in Central Jakarta. (Photo: Winanto)
Commuters in Tanah Abang station in Central Jakarta. (Photo: Winanto) - Around 44 million of Indonesians are expected to travel during the upcoming year-end holiday season, the Indonesian president said, and he asked related ministries and agencies to anticipate the busy period.

President Joko Widodo presented the prediction during a coordination meeting ahead of Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023 on Monday, December 19, where he ordered ministries and state agencies to prepare necessary policies and infrastructure to ensure the holidays go well.

“I’d like to give a warning because based on survey by [Ministry of Transportation’s] Transport Policy Agency, the traveling of 44 million people is expected in this year’s Christmas and New Year,” President Widodo said, as reported by Antara.

He told authorities to anticipate potential problems when members of the public collectively celebrate the big days of the year, especially as the country slowly stepping out of the Covid “bubble”.

“I ask all sectors and stakeholders to make preparations in anticipating disturbances and problems during Christmas and New Year, so people can feel comfortable and safe," Jokowi said.

Previously, the National Police (Polri) had confirmed that a special operation—codename Operasi Lilin—is to take place from December 22, 2022, to January 2, 2023, to ensure public order and security during the period.

According to Polri, the operation will focus on 52,636 locations, including 711 terminals, 653 seaports, 206 airports, 256 train stations, 3,693 market and shopping centers, 3,709 tourist destinations, 41,702 churches, and 1,706 spots expected to be the centers of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

About 102,000 police officers will be deployed, along with personnel from the military, Ministry of Health, transportation office, and other related ministries and agencies.

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